Terelj, Gun galuut 3 days

Horse riding Mongolia

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Total trip

2 Night 3 Days


Center: Central Mongolia


$500 per person: This trip is cutomizable for your private travel.

Places visited

Terelj, Turtle rock, Gun galuut, Chinggis Khaan Equestrian Statue

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  • Transportation – You will be served the air-conditioned, comfortable private vans and 4×4 vehicles on your all touring days.
  • English speaking guide service
  • Accommodation: The tourist camp has got comfortable service, a cozy bed, electric – 220V, hot shower, normal bathroom and better meal in the countryside.
  • Meals and picnic as mentioned at per day itinerary
  • Activity camel riding
  • All entrance fee
  • Museum tickets
  • Cultural performance
  • Local guide
  • Personal items
  • Travel insurance
  • Camera fee for museum & monastery
  • International airfare and visas
  • Optional activity cost
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Laundry service
  • Alcoholic drinks and snacks
  • Single room supplement
  • Hotel stay in Ulaanbaatar
  • Tips and gratuities

Terelj national park has long been a holiday resort for people from the city and short stay tourists. Terelj is picturesque place of high cliffs of granite, river and forests. It is located in Khan Khenti mountain ranges and it is 70km far away from city. It was taken to state protection in 1993. You can see here 24 meter giant turtle rock and hiking towards Aryabala meditation temple which is located on a steep hill.  It is one the most visited areas in Mongolia due to its beautiful scenery and it is very close to Ulaanbaatar city. There are great opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, camel and horseback riding.  Hiking the best experience in the park and there are many tourist camps as well. Terelj National park is undoubtedly the best option if you are looking to get away from the big city to full enjoy all the benefits Mongolia’s nature has to offer.

Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve is a local protected area for conservation of global threatened species. It was founded by the Citizens’ Representative Meeting of Bayandelger County, Tuv Province in 2003 and 130km south-east of Ulaanbaatar and easy access of driving about 2 hours, make this area to become the most attractive place for the tourism. It has a comparatively small area. Gun-Galuut comprises of 3 zones: tourism, limited and core zones, which are ecosystem of steppe, rocky mountain, small lakes, river, streams and wetland, and it is about 20000 hectare. Whoever visiting enjoys to see Gun-Galuut vast steppe seems to meet the sky, the imposing mountain Baith and Berkh, a home land of rare creatures. Both have a rich fauna and flora. The Kherlen is the longest river of Mongolia and Tsengiin Burd wetland, in where water and wetland birds lay their eggs.

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  • Hiking shoes, light shoes
  • Warm clothes (sweater, hat, trousers, jacket, socks, scarf)
  • Tools (small torch, power bank, extra battery, water bottle)
  • Sunglasses, cap, scarf
  • Towel, Shampoo, Soap, Body lotion, Sun lotion, lip-loss, hand sanitation
  • Dry and Wet tissues
  • First aid kit and bring your own medicine

When is the best time to travel to Mongolia?

Mongolia has 4 seasons and each it’s character. Remember the country has about 260 days of sunny and clear blue sky. It will help you to choose the best time to visit Mongolia. 

Summertime from June to August – the temperature ranges from 20 to 25C

Autumn time from September to November – the temperature ranges from 4-10C

Wintertime from December to February – the temperature ranges from -10C to -30C

Springtime from March to May – the temperature ranges from 5 to 15C 

How safe is to travel Mongolia?

Mongolia is one of the safest destinations in the world. However, there might be some pickpocket on the street and inside the big service places. Please pay attention to your items! 

How to get to Mongolia?

Visitors can arrive in Mongolia by airplane or train. Those who are taking to Mongolian can come via both China and Russia. Visitors coming by air can take flight from Seoul, Moscow, Beijing, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Turkey, and Irkutsk – Russia, Hailer – China, and other cities.

Which currencies can I bring to Mongolia?

You can bring US dollar, Australian dollar, British pound, Euro, Chinese Yuan, Korean won and Japanese Yen, etc. then you can change it into Mongolian currency Tugrik is (₮) MNT. (1$=2739, January.2020)

Can I make my itinerary?

That is for sure. We can tailor your trip as you want. You can visit our website and make your trip as same as you want by clicking on a tailor-made tour section. Then you will organize your trip with the help of our travel advisor. 

How is the food in Mongolia?

The main food for Mongolian meat, which is suited to Mongolian’s way of life and climate. During summertime, Mongolians prefer to have more milk products from the livestock. However, there are hundreds of foreign restaurants inside and outside the city and all tourist camps serve with Asian, European and other food. 

How is the electricity and sockets of Mongolia?

The power supply in Ulaanbaatar is now very reliable and there are only the occasional blackouts. Electricity is 220V, 50 Hz. The sockets throughout the country accommodate the European – style 2 pin plugs. In the countryside, the power supply still has frequent interruptions. In many cases, this is due to the cost of fuel. Wiring in many places needs updating and so care should be undertaken. 

Will it be possible to extend my stay at a destination?

Yes, but you have to inform us first before the tour starts. Also, additional charges will be applicable. No alterations can be done when the tour is in progress.

If I lose my passport, what assistance will I be provided?

We assist to report to the nearest police station and on request from your country Embassy. Also, you have to bear all the other costs by yourself. 

What does the tour price include?

The tour price generally is inclusive of your travel arrangements, accommodation, all meals, sightseeing, entrance charges, guide services, transportation, and driver service. For more information on the inclusion of tour price kindly refer tour inclusion section on the respective tour itinerary page on our website.

Can I avail of any early booking benefits?

Yes, you get a booking discount for all tours on paying full registration amount at the time of booking. M Sand Dunes Company also offers full payment 10% discount if you pay the entire tour price more than 30 days before the tour departure.

What are the benefits of group bookings?

Yes, you are possible for a group discount if you book for a group of more than 6 guests on the same tour.

Do we have to walk a lot on tours?

Generally, we have to walk at sightseeing places, sometimes for a long distance, however the same will be timely instructed by the tour guide.

Can I use my credit card for shopping / personal expenses while on a tour?

Yes, you can use internationally accepted Credit Cards for shopping and personal expenses at the city or town. 

How can I stay in touch with my family and friends on a tour?

While on tour, you can be in touch with your family and friends through a local calling card or local sim card as you may deem fit and desirable. You have to carry your mobile handset. We are not responsible for any charges levied by the international local authorities neither shall be responsible for the loss of your mobile handset. 

What assistance is provided, if I dis-continue the scheduled tour, on account of illness?

If you fall sick on tour, kindly inform the tour guide immediately. The tour guide will assist you in making all arrangements for the medical aid, doctor on call, etc. However, the expenses will have to be responsible for you. Here, Insurance plays a major role hence we highly recommend that you should get yourself and your family insured adequately before travel.

Can I get medicine on a tour?

Yes, you should get your own medicine if you have to take them daily. Don’t forget you have a first aid kit. 

Can I book my hotel and own air tickets, and join your tour?

Yes, for all tours of ours you have a facility of joining the tour at the first destination and leaving the tour at the last destination. For such tours, you get an only joining tour price. 

Will “M Sand Dunes” Company assist for air and train way journey tickets?

Yes, we will assist you with tickets for regular tours.

What type of meals are included on tour and can I request for a special meal?

All meals are served during most of our tours as specified in each package tour program. A full board of 3 meals a day. Please refer to the tour itinerary sent and confirmed by your “M Sand dunes” consultant for further details. We can cater vegetarians, special dietary requests without any problem, you will only have to notify us of your special dietary requests at least 30 days before the tour start. 

Do you have a cook on tour?

We generally have meals at Mongolian tourist camp as it gives you an opportunity to enjoy a different ambiance and is comfortable. At times, we do give packed lunch too depending upon the itinerary.

What is the possibility of getting a VISA?

We just assist you in filing the application for the VISA. If there is no Mongolia embassy in your country, one-month visas can be obtained on the spot once you arrive at the airport or railway station.

Do I need Overseas Travel insurance?

It is advisable to acquire adequate Overseas Travel Insurance cover for protection from any possible risks such as damage, loss, accident or injury to life, etc. on tour

Does the tour guide assist us on the entire tour?

Yes, the tour guide will assist you throughout the tour. However, they are not responsible for baggage or any kind of personal belongings.

In which language will the Tour guide communicate with us on tour?

The Tour guide will preferably communicate or give instructions on tour in English.

How many days before the tour should I do the booking?

We recommend you book your tour at least 1 month before the scheduled departure date as most of our tours fill up 1 month in advance. If you book early you can avail of the booking discounts.

Do I need to pay the entire tour price lump-sum while booking?

If you pay the tour price at one go 30 days prior departure then you are benefited as you get a full payment discount. It is not mandatory though, you can pay the registration amount to book and pay the balance payment later.

How can I check my payment and billing details?

We send you a confirmation payment via email. Then, you can check your billing and full itinerary.

Do we get any confirmation email of our scheduled departure?

Yes, 2 to 3 days before your scheduled departure we give an email to inform the reporting time and place.

In case of emergency whom can I contact?

During an emergency, you may call on the below mentioned “M Sand dunes”

Do I need to carry multiple currencies as per different countries visited on the tour?

USD / EURO are universally accepted currencies and easily exchangeable in any part of the world. You can carry the local currency of the visiting country worth $50 for miscellaneous expenses and if in case of emergency.

After paying once, will I get a refund of the tour cost?

In case of cancellation of your tour by the Company, you will get a refund of the actual amount paid by you. But if you cancel the tour, the cancellation charges will be applicable as per the below-mentioned cancellation policy:

Tour cancellation and cancellation charges

A written notice is required for any cancellations to be sent to [email protected] 

Due to the short nature of the Mongolian travel season (June, July, August & September) services for travelers tend to be overbooked. Therefore all local facilities and services are pre-booked well in advance and incur penalties in case of cancellation. The following charges will be withheld from your payment in case of cancellation on your end:

The amount you must pay Cancellation charges on the total tour price. 

More than 60 days prior to tour start: the deposit of $150

60 – 30 days prior to tour start: 15% of per person price based 

30 – 04 days prior to tour start: 50% of per person price based

03 – 01 days prior to tour start: 80% of per person price based

On the day of departure prior to tour start: 100%of per person price based

How much time does it usually take to process a refund?

Ideally, it takes 4 – 5 working days to process refunds, once the guest agrees on the refund amount.

What is be the mode of payment in case of a refund?

Ideally, the refund amount is credited using the same mode of payment that you had used to book the tour, the only exception.


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