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Border crossings and road conditions can present challenges for any traveler to Mongolia. We look at how you can travel safely through this wild and diverse country.

THE MILLENNIAL GENERATION in Mongolia is slowly taking over the country’s monasteries in order to save them.

There was a time when Mongolia could have ruled the world.

Up here, high on the plateaus that sweep out from the glacial Altai Mountains, the mighty Mongolian Steppe has played host to hordes of riders and footmen, all commanded by that now-mythic figure: Genghis Khan.

If travel to Mongolia isn’t already on your radar it should be. Here’s why, plus my recommendations for things to do and see in Mongolia on a short trip.

Mongolia has always been on my list of a country I want to visit since I started travelling 3 years ago but due to my work which requires me to be online, I never had a chance to visit the country.. until now.

Even if you stick to the capital city, Ulaanbaatar, you will see portable gers (round felt tents used by Mongolian nomads) set up in the backyards of neat brick houses, where young newlyweds live until they are ready to find their own house.

With Murum Sum / Khentii Aimag as the environment, the installation will function as a barometer of balance between humanity and na- ture, a topic that is more important now than ever before in human history. So i came into conclusion that Land Art in general helps us to map our location in the world.

Mongolia is a diverse land with many beautiful places to discover, from the capital Ulaanbaatar, to its sweeping natural wonders. Whether you want to take in some culture or see what Mother Nature has to offer, you’ll find it in any one of these top places to visit.

A few must-visit spots in Mongolia include: the empty steppe of the Gobi Desert, the Gandan Monastery, Mongolia’s most important Buddhist monastery, the monument to Genghis Khan at the Sukhbaatar Square, and the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park.


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