Naadam Festival

Naadam festival

Naadam is an age-old celebration of the test of courage, strength, dexterity, and marksmanship or the nomads. It is held annually from July 11th-13th throughout the country. The three manly games consist of horse racing, wrestling, and archery and included ankle bone shooting. The race is over 30 km in distance and is raced by young riders. Some as young as 6 years old.

Wrestling starts with traditional “eagle dance” that is supposed to lift the spirit. Archery dates back to the of Chinggis khaan’s warriors. One cannot fully enjoy or know Mongolia without experiencing the Naadam festival which is celebrated at the very least for centuries. The naadam tradition is truly ancient in its origins predating perhaps by millennia the rise of Chinggis Khaan in the early 13th-century Naadam can be equated to the original Olympic Games of Ancient Greece.

The Mongolian national wrestling known as Bokh is the most popular event of Naadam- national independent celebration. This is one of the oldest sporting events in Mongolia as its root belong to the Hunnu Empire. Hunnu were skilled equestrian’s arches and wrestlers. Even from its early year’s wrestling has been a sport to test not only strength, but also courage, patience, and intelligence. There are many titles for the wrestlers, such as Titan, Lion, Elephant, and Falcon. All the names signify strength. Titles are mostly confirmed during naadam. It’s organized every year at the National sports stadium to celebrate national independence.

The festival is also locally termed three manly games. These games include traditional wrestling, horse racing, and archery. Although the last two allow the participation of women and children. The 3 games of men, which represent the values of an original nomadic culture are a great celebration of statehood.

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