Mongolian Ger

Mongolian ger
Mongolian ger

Mongolian Ger (Felt Tent)

The Ger is the traditional house of Mongolians. The Ger is the dwelling of the majority of people, who moved there in ancient times. The size of the Ger depends on the number of wall sections. Birch and willow wood is used for the frame and the covers are made from felt. The wood is painted a brown-red color with the outside of the door given decorative patterns. Inside the Ger a stove is situated in the center and on the north side a pair of chests with religious ritual items on them. On the north-eastern side is the bed. The eastern part meant for kitchen utilities, the western part holds a piece of horse-riding equipment such as saddles and bridles. Like a bag of airag, fermented mare’s milk also hangs on the wall. The door of a Ger is always positioned to face the south.

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