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The best place to start a tour is Sukhbaatar Square at the center of the city. Sukhbaatar Square is very much the political, cultural and economic heart of modern Mongolia.  From the square, there are several attractions within easy walking distance.


From Gandan Monastery – Sukhabaatar square – there are 5 museums and you can choose 2 of them – the cultural show concert “Tumen Enkh”

  1. National Museum of Mongolian – one of the must see museums in the city. Inside the museum has a series of informative and attractive exhibits starting with Mongolia’s earliest beginnings in Paleolithic times and Stone Age up to the present day. Experience 60.000 samples of exhibits showing traditional costumes, ornaments and cultures.
  1. The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum – was founded in 1966 by the former Communist regime to preserve what was left of Mongolia’s rich tradition of fine arts. It has a large collection of artworks, sculptures and painting, even back a Paleolithic times. The best sections are on traditional religious art such as tangkas, embroideries and Tsam masks and the 17th century bronze works and paintings of famous Zanabazar, Mongolia’s first theocratic leader (1635-1724), also known as the Asian Michelangelo.
  1. The Choijin Lama Temple Museum – with a lovely old temple garden out front is one of the real gems of Ulaanbaatar city. Although only built in 1904-1908, this small temple complex is a classic example of Buddhist architecture with its blend of Tibetan and Chinese influences. The temple has many art and religious objects on exhibit, including rich collection of ancient texts, Tsam masks, tangkas, sculptures and embroideries.
  1. The Bogd Khaan Palace Museum – is another old survivor, although only completed from 1893 to 1903, with a triumphal arch added in 1912 to celebrate the end of Manchu rule. The Green Palace has six temples and a winter palace, which was built as a gift from Nicolas II of Russia. Also known as Winter Palace where the last emperor of Mongolia once lived and after became a museum in 1961. You will be mesmerized by the tangka paintings with intricate details, Buddhist deities created by Zanabazar, furniture, attires, and items used by the 8th Bogd himself and rare collection of stuffed animals.
  1. Dinosaur Museum – was opened as a result of an illegal auctioning of the Tarbosaurus Bataar in the United States a few years ago. It was safety returned home and became the main exhibit of the museum. Here you can learn more about ancient creatures that lived millions of years ago. Also you can learn about Mongolia’s ancient fauna and paleontological heritage.

Gandan Monastery or the Mahayana Monastery of Complete Joy – another popular destination and often first-up on the tourist itinerary to observe the 10am Call to Prayer and Service. The Gandan is the largest and most significant monastery, the only one that continued to function throughout the Communist period, the Buddhist library and religious schools to know the general image of Buddhism in Mongolia. But the highlight of a visit to Gandan is the Chinese and Tibetan style Temple of Megjid Janraiseg (Avalokiteshvara) its massive height is a house an immense 26.5 meters (82-foot) standing statue of the deity. The interior of the 20 ton statue is hollow and is used for storing precious items.

The Tumen Ekh Ensemble – is one of the cultural performance. The ensemble was founded in 1989 and has gone on to win awards throughout the world. It is composed of artists who perform all types of Mongolian songs, dances and contortion shows. If you want to get an up-close, deeper feeling of Mongolian folk art, visit tem.

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