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Many first-time visitors arrive in Mongolia with specific images in mind and are surprised to discover a country with such beautiful nature, history and nomad lifestyle. You can have a nice memorable trip through a travel agency in Mongolia. If you do not know how to travel via Mongolia please contact us and we can politely help and advise you.

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If you urgently want to visit some beautiful places such as national parks and sightseeing which is a short drive (a couple of hours) from Ulaanbaatar city. These places are pretty reasonable for traveling a day trip.


A short tour – learn a much better understanding of the country, culture, history, Buddhism, food, and nomad family and many new impressions about life in Mongolia. We definitely would recommend the short tour for you.


A long tour – visit many different beautiful places, which you won’t able to explore on your own easily. If you do like challenge yourself, we can highly recommend this tour to anyone wanting to see more of Mongolia. Do this experience if you have the time!

Mongolian ger

Mongolian Ger

Mongolian Ger Mongolian Ger (Felt Tent) The Ger is the traditional house of Mongolians. The Ger is the dwelling of the majority of people, who

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Mongolian highlights


Mongolian: Introduction Square: 1,564,116 square kilometers (603,909 sq mi) Population:  3,225,167 (2019) Time zone: +8 Mobile code: +976 National currency: Tugrik (₮) MNT 1$ =

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Visit Khuvsgul lake

The famous Khuvsgul lake and charming nature, only characterize a specific region of the country.